Pennsylvania Local Income Tax Exchange  
The Pennsylvania Local Income Tax Exchange (PALite) system allows taxpayers in participating localities to quickly prepare a tax return, which will be sent to their local earned income tax collector. In order to use PALite, you must have resided (for at least part of the year) in a municipality whose taxes are collected by one of the following participating collectors:
A resident of Adams, Blair, Montour, Lycoming, or York county who is self-employed or whose out-of-state employer does not withhold local earned income tax may make a quarterly estimated payment on PALite.
Who is Excluded from Preparing an Annual Return on PALite?
When filing taxes with one or more of the above collectors, you are eligible to use PALite unless:
  • You lived at more than three Pennsylvania addresses during the tax year.
  • You moved at some time during the tax year AND have multiple W-2 forms from the same employer.
  • You had earnings from out of state or have wages from a state other than PA reported in box 15 of a W-2 form.
  • You have a W-2 form with local withholdings reported for Philadelphia (sometimes noted as Phila, PHI, or 51) in box 20.
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